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According to Tech Collective, “Southeast Asia has a strong foothold in the growing digital financial services industry which is slated to hit US$1 trillion by 2025. Strengthened by the region’s internet economy of 400 million internet users, Southeast Asia’s strong digital demand has promoted healthy competition and growth in the digital financial sector—making the region an incubator for digital finance and innovation.”

With the development of e-commerce and the growth of digital payments in Malaysia, the usage of digitalised gold and its related investments are bound to take up a huge market share in the near future. With iMas Gold, you are be one step closer to pioneering the digitalised gold ecosystems in our region. Not only is iMas Gold backed by solid technology foundations within a strong regulatory landscape, it is also involved in a promising digital asset field that receives sound support from the Malaysian government, complimented with the recent announcement of the “Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint”. Without a doubt, Malaysia is all set for a new era of digital transformation.

iMas Gold leverages on Blockchain technology that enhances transparency and integrity. All elements of your transaction will be secure, end-to-end, 24/7. Rest assured that your data can never be owned or manipulated by any single party.

Our iMas gold-backed ecosystem also employs elements of digital marketplaces, big data, e-payments and more, to say the least. All within a secure environment that will provide piece of mind to all our participants: buyers, sellers, merchants, entrepreneurs among others. All tied together with the Internet of Things approach in mind. Why, do you ask? Because we can.

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By registering as our iMas Gold Account user, you could easily stay financially ahead of the general public through our products that offer trustworthy digital gold trading, lucrative investment programs, redeemable physical gold feature and many more! The detailed benefits of our products are as follows :

iMas Gold Account

The iMas Gold account acts as a “basic” account where users can buy, sell, redeem, exchange, make payments and donations using iMas Gold (iMG), a unit term for our Fintech gold that can be purchased from prices as little as RM10. It is also a digital account that is 100% backed by physical gold.

Flexi Smart Saver Programme

With our Flexi Programme, iMAS Gold members are offered the opportunity to further finance their iMas Gold assets via a model similar to the Pawn or Rahnu model. With competitive rates, participants can then take advantage of these facilities to further their options in diversifying thier portfolios.

iMas Finacial Services

IMAS Special Projects are designed to provide investment opportunities for iMAS Gold members to enhance their portfolios from their Fintech Gold holdings.

iMas Entrepreneurship

iMas Entrepreneurship is an ecosystem where individuals and organisations with proven track records could access more rewarding business opportunities, revenue sharing and structured programs. This ecosystem will be managed by our licensed distributors, who will look to recruit budding entreprenuers and provide support for them to become marketing managers of iMAS Gold products.

Collection Series

iMas Gold Coins and Wafers are made of 999.9% fine polished gold to preserve the value of your investment. The design is simple and elegant, yet exudes wealthy extravagance.

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iMas 4.25g Gold Coin

iMas 1G Gold Wafer

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